August 14

Math Reflections


Yesterday the 30th July 2015 we started Chinese Multiplication. At the start I didn’t get it. It seemed really easy after a while. I think it is easier than long multiplication. I really liked this activity.

August 14

Alliteration Poems

Hi Everyone,

Crusty Crayfish Clinging on to Colourful Crafty Cups!

Thats just one of my awesome Alliterations! This week we have been working on Alliteration Poems! I chose the letter C. I am really proud of my work because of my awesome presentation and of course my Crafty poem!

By Hayley

August 14

Alliteration poem

Today I finished my Alliteration poem (good copy).

I think I did a good job on my wording and I thought I did an awesome job in relating my pictures to my words.

Overall, I thought I did a great job in my poem.




August 14

Term 3 Week 5 Science Project (mould)



During the last 2 weeks we been learning about mould and what makes it grow best.

All groups chose a different location with either damp or dry bread. My group chose a dark/warm place with a damp bread. In the first week it had lots of mould and the bread got a little bit decayed.  It looked gross.

In week 2 we had even more mould in all different colours, shapes and sizes. I can’t wait to see what happens next.






August 7

Season Poems

Haiku poems

L.I. I can write a haiku poems and can choose specific vocabulary.


Cold like an ice cube,

Cold wind is soaring outside,

Playing with some snow,


Burning like a pot,

The boiling breeze  is blowing,

Having some ice cream,


Loving the cold breeze,

Having some fun with some leaves,

Collecting some leaves,



June 23

Area and Perimeter

L.I. I can calculate the area and perimeter of a triangle.

Today we learnt how to calculate the area and perimeter of triangles.

I have learnt how to find the area of a triangle.

I have found that you have to times the base, being the longest edge, by the height, being the highest point in the triangle from the base.

I liked working with my friends to get it done!

By Hayley.I.

June 23


Today we did area and perimeter for maths. We did it on a website using a ruler. We had to write the area, perimeter, length and width.


I have learnt how to work out the area of the square without the centimetre square boxes and how to get the perimeter .


I have found that area, perimeter, length and width is very hard to do on a laptop.


I liked going on the website and doing the work with a partner.


June 2


Dear Mum,

I miss you so much. Thanks for the warm socks and scarf because at night here is very cold and chilly. Living in the trenches was better than I thought. We here have good bedrooms and they are really comfortable to sleep in. I heard a lot of gun fires and I also found my own dog for helping me. Thank you for the ANZAC biscuits they are really delicious. I hope to hear from you soon.

From, Nandan

Country: Australia

Year: 1916