February 20

About Cranbourne East

Cranbourne East Primary School is a new and exciting state of the art facility built under the Partnerships Victoria in Schools Project which opened at the start of the 2011 school year.

The school facility brings together the best in contemporary educational design and promotes active student-centred learning through the creation of flexible, functional spaces. Key features of the school include: high expectations for all learners, high quality teaching and innovative learning opportunities based on personalised and inquiry based learning, well-resourced programs, environmentally sustainable and highlighting high level parent and community involvement.

The building is designed around innovative learning spaces and flexible multipurpose learning neighbourhoods. In addition there are cutting edge performing Arts and Science learning spaces, a learning resource centre, Music studio, ICT rich resource hubs (desktop and notebook computers, interactive whiteboards etc), football and soccer ovals and indoor physical education gymnasium, playgrounds and shade areas and environmental wetlands.

Cranbourne East Primary School is a place of outstanding learning and professional practice. It is a happy, exciting and engaging information technology rich learning environment where student centred learning occurs and learning programs are led by professional learning teams who make a real difference and meet the needs of each and every student at a local level within a global setting. Staff at all levels work towards a shared vision as part of a harmonious team that work effectively with the local community to create a school environment that is cooperative, caring, encouraging of community involvement and which celebrates success.

All staff at Cranbourne East Primary School will be prepared to embark on a journey of continuous learning and reflection to contribute to the evolution of a learning community. Staff also need to have the capacity to deliver the levels of energy, enthusiasm and flexibility to respond to the large workload and face the many exciting challenges that establishing a new school entails. Individually and collectively staff have the belief that they possess the ability to contribute to the creation of a school of excellence.

The core purpose is to help children grow into lifelong learners and future citizens. The school will be a place that encourages and enables professional learning and effective teamwork as well as developing a strong, welcoming and inclusive school community.

Cranbourne East Primary School is located in the Hunt Club Estate in one of the fastest growth areas in the South Eastern growth corridor.

The school is located at 2 Bowyer Avenue, Cranbourne East (Melways ref 134D4).

The school is built for a long-term student enrolment of 450. The enrolment has surpassed this figure and the school could reach an enrolment in excess of 800 students at its peak. The school is located on the same site with Cranbourne East Secondary College and will share facilities including the gymnasium, theatre soccer and football grounds. Shared-use facilities are a valued feature of this school site. A three-room kindergarten has been constructed by the City of Casey next door to the site.

As the school develops a community presence including shared benefits and values, a differentiated curriculum is developing and implemented to meet the diverse needs of all students. Staff are developing a curriculum model that is child centred and operates in a learning environment that encapsulates complimentary alignment of space, pedagogy belief and values. The cutting edge, purpose-designed facilities reflect a twenty-first century educational approach to teaching and learning through the provision of open flexible learning areas capable of catering for a range of student groupings.

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