February 20

Blogging Rules

The Year 5 team at Cranbourne East PS is new to blogging in 2012. We have established these rules regarding the use of our blog:

  • Students will only post and comment using their first name – no surnames.
  • Posts and comments are checked by a teacher before they are published on the blog. Posts and comments need to be written in proper English and include correct spelling and punctuation. No SMS\text speak.
  • Post are not to include personal details (addresses, phone numbers and other family information), rude or attacking comments and language.
  • All students must have parental permission to have their work and photo published online (through the Cranbourne East ICT Acceptable Use Agreements)
  • Parents wanting to comment are asked to only use their first name to avoid identifying their child.

When we developed our blogging rules here are some sites we looked at for ideas:

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