June 2

The canteen should sell MacDonald’s


MacDonald’s yum, yum, yum. People normally get MacDonald’s for breakfast or Dinner. A lot of people don’t get MacDonald’s, So we should get MacDonald’s at school.


If we had MacDonald’s at school, the school would get more money, and if there’s money the teachers would get a pay rise, and if there was a pay rise the teachers and the school would get more i-pads, computers and shinny things.


Did you know that… MacDonald’s paper that get rolled up in the burgers and chips is Biodegradable, witch is when it falls on the floor it will crunch up and disintegrate.


If we had MacDonald’s at school there wouldn’t be as many fights because we would be happy eating MacDonald’s.




May 29


Photo on 29-05-2015 at 10.44 amEgypt is a country in North Africa surounded by the Medidterean Sea. Most of the days in Egypt are over 30 degrees sometimes in May the degrees are over 50 degrees which means Egypt will be hot and bone dry. The highest number of degrees recorded was in Aswan.95% of land in Egypt is a desert.These days in Egypt are not all a desert there are a few cities. The traditonal food Egyptians eat is kebabs,with capsicum and potatoes. Egypt has a lot of gold and gems. Some people in Egypt don’t really live in cities  they live in small towns in the desert,if the people need water to drink or use for something else they have to take something to carry the water and walk far away from the desert get the fresh water in the pond.Egyptians eat a lot of spices as a tradition.

May 29

Exploring Space- summary

LI: I can summarise an informational text.

Exploring Space is a book all about Space and the Solar System. It is also about Galaxies and Planets.

Exploring Space sounded really interesting as this book gives detailed information that is understandable and kid- friendly. In my opinion the book’s strongest and most interesting chapter was on the solar system. i think this because the articles for this subject is more.

From this book I learned that the Solar System is made up of Comets, Moons, Space rock, Asteroids and space Space Ice.  I also learned that Pluto and Cerus are both Dwarf planets.

There are many more things I learned like, how many moons each planet has or when space was formed.

So, I definitely think that this book is really interesting, ecspecially to those who are interested in space.

Photo on 29-05-2015 at 10.27 am #2

my cool mind map


May 29

summary of space maths

L.I i can summarise informational texts.

space is an amazing and humungous place to explore. it has many planets ; jupiter,Venus,Saturn,Neptune  and Earth.the climet on earth is more than 90 digrees or less than 90 degrees . the north side of the earth is more than 90 degrees and north side of the earth is minus 90 degrees.Australia is the closest country to the equatorial plane.

Space is measured by diffrent tools. the cross star used to measure the angle between two or more stars. the armillary was made to show the position of the planets moon  and the stars. the quadrant showed 90 degrees of the stars   from 1954 to 1976 a stuttle took of to venus and also took a close photo of mars.

space was understood by maths. a greek astronomer worked out the size of the moon by maths. Isacc newton undurstood space by learning amazing wonderful maths.



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my mind map


March 16

The Great Debate

Fact or Opinion

This week this students have been learning about Fact and Opinion, and how this ties in with persuasive arguments.

There has been some interesting topics and fantastic ideas from the students. Have your say in what you think.

If you are hungry and have no money it is okay to steal food to eat.

What do you think? Are you For or Against, and why?

August 6


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